Re: NTLK NetHopper 2.0

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 02:48:29 CDT

Newtscape's interface does seem cumbersome at first, but it is actually
amazingly well thought out and serves it's goal brilliantly.

The little popup window where you write the url can be minimized with
the star button, leaving you to multitask with other apps while the
pages render.

Newtscape allow you to download pages and then view them later from
cache. You can download the NYtimes web site while sleeping and browse
it on the train.

Also, I have found that when some tables look fried in HTML I can use
"export" to newton works and clean it up. I have my bus schedule saved
as such a touched up Newton book.

Newtscape really works best on the 2100. The eMate is good but SLOW.

I love it and have discarded nethopper long ago.

Also, Simplemail 4.0 can be used in conjunction with Newtscapes Gif
viewer to see graphics directli in the Newton in box.

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