NTLK Repository for NewtonOS bugs / Y2K 2.0 OS Bug ?

From: David Watson (drnewton@kc.net)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 08:11:05 CDT

Hello NewtonTalkers,

>On Sun, Jun 18 2000 Paul Guyot wrote:

there should be a place to index all bugs we find in the NewtonOS

Victor then wrote :

>I can throw up some scripts on Newton Resources tomorrow. Possibly even
Bugzilla, but I sincerely hope there
>aren't *that* many major bugs :)

This is a very good idea.

I found a Y2K related bug with the 2.0 OS back in February.

I mentioned it in NewtonTalk at the time ( 2-19-00 )

Here it is again :


I ran into a problem setting up Dates on a 130 and believe it's an
unreported / undocumented Y2K bug in the Newton 2.0 OS.

Here is what I did to cause it:

1. Performed a "Deep Reset" ( or "Brain Wipe" as some prefer ) on a MP130.
2. Installed System Patch 526205.
3. Set the Clock ( time and date ) to the present time, February XX, 2000.
4. Starting entering a few Names.
5. Added "Dates" ( Birthday and Anniversary ) to the Names. ( Note : All the
Birthdays and Anniversary's were of course back in the last Century, 19XX. )
6. Opened Dates and selected Show / "Month", expecting to see the entered
"Events" ( Birthdays & Anniversary's ).
7. Nothing there !
8. I then examined one of the Names I had entered and the Birthday Year
entry was not as I had set it ( 19XX ). It didn't stick ! It was 20XX !
Whoa !
9. I then set the Newton's Clock ( Time and Date ) back to February XX,
10. Opened the same Name entry and set the Birthday and Anniversary year
AGAIN to 19XX.
11. Opened Dates ( Month View ) and the 2 Events were now present !
12. I then set the Newton's Clock ( Time and Date ) back to the correct time
February XX, 2000.
13. Re-opened Dates ( Month View ) and the 2 Events were still present !
 very glad to see that )

Have you seen this before ?

Has somebody written a "bug fix" for this that I'm not aware of ?

It must be specific to OS 2.0.

I tried the same thing on my MP2100 and it didn't occur.

Best Regards,
David Watson

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