NTLK Farallon PN595 not Mac OS 9 compatible?

From: J. van de Griek (Joost_van_de_Griek@nl.yachtgroup.com)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 16:17:44 CDT

Hello, listas...

Today I thought I'd upgrade my PowerBook 1400 (Sonnet G3 upgraded) to Mac OS
9. Everything went quite well, until I dumped all my 3rd party extensions
from my old Mac OS 8.6 system folder in the new one. At the next restart,
the computer froze during the icon parade, after which it would no longer
boot from the internal drive. Turns out I had a corrupted System suitcase.

So, the hunt for the culprit was on. Not a fun hunt, because every time the
computer crashed, I had to reinstall the System suitcase from the Mac OS 9
CD. But I found the offending extension: Farallon PC Card, the driver for my
Farallon PN595 Ethernet card. I'm not to thrilled with that, because this
card is my gateway to the Internet. So for now, it's back to Mac OS 8.6.

I have checked at Farallon's web site, but I do apparently have the latest
version of the driver (1.2.1). I have searched MacFixit, PowerBook Source,
you name it. You people are my last hope. Has anyone gotten the Farallon
PN595-TP Ethernet PC Card to work under Mac OS 9? Preferably on a PowerBook



PS> I am talking about the PN595 card, the older, Newton-compatible card
here, not the new PN595A...

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