Re: NTLK Sorry, I'm new to newton...

From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 18:57:21 CDT

Hi Jeff,

>I will be getting a 120 here shortly....and I was wondering, what ways can I
>attach this thing to my mac for downloading programs to it? Is it a serial

there is a serial cable for the Newton, which is the same cable as
for your serial printer. Also, you can use LocalTalk - if you still
have it - and use these little phone-net adaptors. You have to se the
Newton to use AppleTalk - it works :).

And depending on what system your MP120 comes with, you will have to
get the Newton Connection Utility (NCU) - for NOS 2.0 - or the Newton
Connection Kit 2.0 - for NOS 1.3.

Both can be found at Vicor Rehorst's Newton Cage at

>cable connection? Also I have a Nokia 5190 GSM phone, is there a way to use
>it for a wireless connection for the Newton? What kind of cable would I

Nope, the Nokia phones hardly talk to each other, not even the 61x0
versions. I have tried to get an MP2100 to talk to one a while back,
they sort of see that there is something on the other side, but they
have no clue as to who or what. All you get is a buttload of
communication errors ...

Best regards,

Chris Ruprecht
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