NTLK Re: Help! My MP2001 don't sleep

From: Stephen Beesley (sbeesley@smartchat.net.au)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 22:39:04 CDT

>>Eric wrote -
The automatic sleep feature don't work. In order to fix it, I tried to freeze all the applications. It still don't sleep.

Moreover, all alarms are off. However it awakes each night at 3:00 so that each morning its batteries are empty.

 Any idea ?

>> Stephen wrote-
I had the same problem with an MP130 and, quite by accident, found that it was cured by doing a reset without activating the packages (hit the reset button then hold the pen against the screen about 1cm from the top left hand corner. A pop up should ask whether you want to activate the packages). I never worked out why this fixed the problem and it intermittently returned so I guees it was package conflict of some type.

Hope that helps

Stephen Beesley
>>Eric wrote -
Thanks a lot.
I tried it. It works fine!


On tue, 20 Jun 2000 Stephen Beesley wrote:

Hello all,

I just thought that I would share the above exchange (which arose out of a post on comp.sys.newton.misc).

Both Eric & I had the same problem with Newtons that would not sleep. I still do not know exactly what package or soup was causing the problem on my old MP130-but I thought that the solution might be of use to others.

Stephen Beesley.
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