From: Cook, Thomas (tcook@craworld.com)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 06:22:26 CDT


I just recently found the list and under normal circumstances I would lurk
for a while to get a feel for the proper list etiquette but this is a true

I have been using PMS V1.0 on my MP120 for the last month and now that the
demo has expired I cannot get to any of my data. I searched the archive and
found some posts about the source code but I am not a programmer and I am
having great difficulty understanding how to use NTK. I am sure that with
time I could learn but my boss is asking for last month's time sheet and
without this data I am truly sunk. Not to mention he already thinks I am
kind of crazy for not just getting a Palm like the rest of the world. I
guess I really should have double tracked my time while I was evaluating PMS
but hindsight as they say...

Can someone run the Reg Code Generator foe me? Do I have to run it on my
Newton to get the proper code? I would be willing the change my pref name
to use someone else's code just to get the data for last month. If you can
run the generator for me my Newton's name is 'Thomas Cook'.

Hopefully the generator creates v1.0 codes or by upgrading to V2.0 can I
bring my old data along?

Thank you very much for your help-

PS- Please call with any other suggestions- 716-510-5737. If I don't get
this data I will have to do some real timesheet magic.

Thomas J. Cook
Information Technology Services
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Inc.
Tel: 716-297-6150
Fax: 716-297-2265
email: tcook@CRAWorld.com
web: http://www.CRA-IT.com & http://www.CRAWORLD.com
Email: tcook@craworld.com as of April 1, 2000

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