Re: NTLK Outlook Express Sync?

From: jceaser (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 08:27:44 CDT

I think that your best bet is to create an applescript to extract the data
from outlook and put it into a file in a format that can be inputed into the
newton via NCU

on 06/20/2000 7:37 AM, jimthej at wrote:

> Just thought of something. Outlook Express has a Palm Sync menu item, would
> it be possible to do that and then use the Palm desktop to connect to the
> Newton? What would the steps be to do that. I don't have a Palm, but might
> be willing to acquire one just to sync my Newt.
> Jim Johnston
> Teacher
> Mac Smacker
> Newton User
>> From: Tuck <>
>> Reply-To:
>> Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 10:55:53 +0100
>> To:
>> Subject: NTLK Outlook Express Sync?
>> In a rush of optimism I noted a letter on another list that stated that a
>> sync'ing program existed for Outlook & Newton. I read 'Outlook Express' for
>> 'Outlook'. But after my misreading was pointed out to me I continue to
>> wonder - is there, has anyone written, a sync'ing program for Newton/Outlook
>> Express?
>> Rgds, Tuck

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