NTLK Newton Personal Data Sharing Site Updated

From: Grant [Hooked On Civics] Hutchinson (grant@splorp.com)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 22:10:00 CDT

Matthew Vaughn runs Lightyear Media, and is the creator of the way cool
Newton Personal Data Sharing (NPDS) software for 2.x OS Newtons running
NIE. He has recently moved his site over to the homepage.mac.com hosting
service, and has added a few things to the site after nearly a year in
absentia. Most notably are updates to a couple of the NPDS packages that
let you serve up the contents of your notepad, and such goodies via http.
As Matthew says on the page: "Finally, somebody has made use of NPDS's
publicly available source code!"


Let me say that this software just rocks! If you really wan to blow away
someone using a Palm, tell them that you have a full-fledged web server,
instant messaging WebPager, and screen capture server running on your
Newton. Then help them pick up their eyeballs off the floor. Just thought
I'd let the list know about it.



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