Re: NTLK Re: Linux as proxy, need help

From: jceaser (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 10:13:16 CDT

I agree. I have just set up a linux computer as a firewall/DHCP
server/gateway for my appartment. Go to and read the HOWTO
documents on networks, firewall, ip-masq. and other such things. If it is
RedHat you are using also read about ipchains. Then when you have read most
of these documents you can then ask a question. We do not mean to be rude
but there is just too much info to know.

on 06/21/2000 10:19 AM, Stainless Steel Rat at

> * Michael Wittmann <> on Wed, 21 Jun 2000
> | Could someone send me an email, offline, to walk me through this?
> No, but you should read the Net, Firewall, IP-Masq and any other HOWTO
> documents those three reference that might seem relevant.

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