Re: NTLK Buying a case

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 20:25:58 CDT

>I go a newton 2000 and I'm thinking to buy a case to protect the newton in
>transport of everyday.
>I was thinking to buy the Newton case from Apple, is this case can hold
>the newton and a keybord, and some other parts like the dungle-adapter and
>pcmcia card.
>Or have you any idea for other case for the newton?

I am in New Zealand and have got a "Nutshell" case for my newton. These
are the best cases you can get down here. My one doesn't have a lot of
extra storage (it would take some PCMCIA cards and maybe a dongle, but
wouldn't fit a keyboard) but it is extra strong, and it has got some sort
of a rubber sticky pad on the bottom, so it doesn't slip off your desk
(or car roof if you forget about it ;). They make several different
cases, so you might be able to find something that will transport a
keyboard as well.

Here is their web page:

Keep in mind that $1NZ = $0.45US (approximately), so it will be very
cheap to buy from US.

Ben Doughney

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