Re: NTLK Buying a case

From: Hai Ng (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 21:08:27 CDT

On 6/21/00 9:13 PM, said:

>I go a newton 2000 and I'm thinking to buy a case to protect the newton in
>transport of everyday.
>I was thinking to buy the Newton case from Apple, is this case can hold
>the newton and a keybord, and some other parts like the dungle-adapter and
>pcmcia card.
>Or have you any idea for other case for the newton?

I bought a used HandStand case from PDA-Concepts from a fellow NewtonList
subscriber. Pretty nice case, holds the Newton, keyboard and a bunch of
other stuff.

I've actually created my own little velcro straps and I have my cables
for my cellular modem and Ethernet attached pretty neatly and organized.

If you can get it, it's actually pretty cool. You can see pictures of it
<> but they don't sell it anymore but you can
probably pick up a used one.

The only problem I have with it is that it won't fit my cellphone after
the keyboard, the Nokia 6162 is just a tad too long with the antenna. :(

I actually got two other people who offered to sell me theirs when I put
up a message here, drop me a message private and I'll pass you the
contacts if you are interested.

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