Re: NTLK LunaSuite Pro

From: Hai Ng (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 22:26:48 CDT

On 6/21/00 9:48 AM, Mike Stockman said:

>It's not too bad for the price (free), but it is very unstable, and
>always has been. If they had made a stable product, virtually every
>Newton user out there would have purchased it, because it's a very
>full-featured browser.
>They promised at one point to release the source code after they made the
>product free, but I haven't seen any signs of it.
>To summarize: The features are great, but it will fail regularly.

You're right, it is feature rich and when it works, displays the pages
very well, perhaps the best of the pack (NetHopper, Newt's Cape,

Now the trick is getting it to stay up. The scheduler barfs on me all
the time :(

I'm now using a combination of NetHopper and LunaSuite, LunaSuite mainly
for it's Email & FTP, its Email layout is a little better than Eudora Pro.

Now if I can now just get used to Newt's Cape :)

Any good Email package suggestions?

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