Re: NTLK Re: IBM 1GB Microdrive

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 01:44:09 CDT

>>The problem is physical size. CF Type II is the same thickness as PCMCIA
>>Type II, the size of the bays in Newton devices. A CF Type II to PCMCIA
>>adaptor shell must be able to physically hold the CF Type II card, which
>>means it needs to be a little thicker. CF Type I to PCMCIA Type II is
>My roomate has one of these adapters. The end of it (where you
>stick the CF module) has a U-Shaped cutout. Thus, the resulting
>unit has the same thickness as any other Type II PCMCIA card.

Yes, they are just less frequent.

There is no reason for the hard drive not to wrok, especially if it
complains the CF or CF+ specifications. Indeed, I do work with a CF
16 MB card (from Timasci), and Compact Flash specifications.
However, considering the investment, I suggest that you'll try before
buying the disk - I have asked my local provider about the pricing of
170 & 340 MB hard drives :-/

Today, the card tells me it is a CF (it is the ATA identify command,
first word 848A). I just have some timing problem, because it doesn't
speak to me everytime. But I have finally fixed most configuration
problems. I hope to have a stable memory access based driver within
the end of the week (which would work on the MP120 I have here). I'll
implement I/O contiguous and I/O IRQ modes afterward. (however, I am
not sure I will be able to implement True IDE mode, at least because
I don't have the CL-PS7030 documentation to understand all the
features, unavailable at Cirrus website).

(daily news on my NPDS server, at night Paris time)

Best regards,


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