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From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 02:10:27 CDT

>One thought: How do the ATA cards and ATA microdrives compare to the
>linear flash cards in terms of battery consumption? Is there any
>difference in battery hungryness between them?

The CF doc says (p. 26):

Voltage Maximum Average RMS Current Measurement Method
3.3V 5% 75 mA (500mA in Power Level 1) 3.3V at 25C
5.0V 10% 100 mA (500mA in Power Level 1) 5.0V at 25C

CompactFlash and CF+ products shall operate correctly in both voltage
ranges as shown in the
table above. To comply with this specification, current requirements
must not exceed the
maximum limit.
The maximum average RMS current for CompactFlash cards is 75 mA at
3.3V and 100 mA at 5V.
For CF+ cards, two power levels are defined. Power Level 0 has the
same current specifications
as CompactFlash cards, while Power Level 1 has an increased maximum
current of 500 mA for
both 3.3V and 5V.
CF+ cards must operate within the specifications for Power Level 0 at
power on and after reset.
CF+ cards must also support CIS reads and (for ATA CF+ cards only)
ATA Identify Device
commands in Power Level 0. This requirement allows the host device to
determine whether the
CF+ card has commands which require Power Level 1 (see Sections 5.2
and If the
host cannot support Power Level 1, the host can either disable Power
Level 1 commands in the
CF+ card (see Sections 4.4.5 and or reject the CF+ card.
An example of a CF+ card using both Power Level 0 and Power Level 1
is a disk drive. Typically,
commands which require the spindle to rotate (e.g., read/write
commands) will be Power Level 1
commands. CF+ disk drives must make provisions to accommodate the
execution of CIS reads
and ATA Identify Device commands in Power Level 0; that is, without
rotating the spindle.

I guess the IBM disks are CF+, hence they will consume at most 500 mA
- umm, ok, I'll work on shutting off the disk as often as possible.



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