Re: NTLK Best GSM Solution for UMP2K?

From: Till (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 11:32:17 CDT

Marco Habschick wrote:

>Hello worthy Newtoneers,


>I am about to buy a new cellular phone. Last time I made the mistake not to
>think about the connectivity to my beloved UMP2K. In order to make it better
>this time I have some questions:
>1. Which is the best hardware combination (GSM modem card plus mobile,
>mobile with softmodem, IrDA mobile, ...) to use mainly in Europe?
>2. I think about buying a Siemens C35i, Siemens S35i or Panasonic EB-GD90.
>Does anybody use them with the Newt?
>3. Which mistakes could I make?

I use the Siemens S25. I discovered that GSM modems drain the
rechargeables really fast, so a cellphone with an integrated modem is
a viable alternative. IrDA IrCOMM is not yet supported by the Newton,
so I use a serial cable to connect the S25 to the Newton, which
should also work with the S35. It is available at or (about 120 DM), but I heard that it is also possible
to use a standard data cable (about 50 DM) in combination with a
PC-Printer -> Mac-Printer adapter. Of course, you need a dongle in
addtion to either of the cables when using a Newton 2x00...
If you want a GSM modem despite of the battery drain, I can recommend
the Option GSM-Ready card, which does work with most mobile phones,
and has the advantage that it can also use an analog phone line. I
heard that you can only use older models of the card with the Newton
(all 28.8 and 33.6 models and old versions of the 56k).
By the way, you can also ask for advice about this on the German
Newton mailing list, There are some people on
it who use the S25 (and maybe the S35) and the Nokia 7110 via a
serial connection.


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