Re: NTLK Re: IBM 1GB Microdrive

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 12:07:21 CDT

>Yeah -- I thought this, too. Before you guys
>kill yourselves getting these hard drives to work
>(for which I thank you heartily if all works
>out), what about the old assumption that Soup and
>disk storage do not go together?
>> But, my understanding was that soup memory
>> wasn't compatable with
> > disk storage???


What's the problem?

As far as I understand it (but to prove it, I have to release the
driver, and today, I still have config & timing problems - does
anyone here has the doc for the CL-PS7030?), stores are independant
of the storage interface.

Basically, there are today two implementation for the TStore
interface: package based (which are non writable) and Flash stores. I
just need to implement ATA Store (in fact, I probably only need to
write the TStoreDriver implementation which would call the ATA
driver, and interface all this stuff properly).

But, as I said, I still wonder what's the problem here with the
timing and why I need to send a hard reset to the card for it to
answer the identify command properly. If anyone here has the
controller's doc, or the socket API's doc, it would be of great help.
Otherwise, I'll continue by guessing. (the deadline I chose was the
end of the week. But since I was actually able to issue an ATA
command and get the answer properly, I may try a little bit longer).

Best regards,


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