Subject: Re: NTLK RE: LunaSuite Pro..

From: James Simons (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 08:32:48 CDT

i know it seems like a lot to do, but it makes it run very smooth..

freeze everything, all your packages that aren't important on your internal
store that must stay on your internal store (Avi's is fine to leave
running).. keep all your other large packages on your flashcard.. except
lunasuite, and the associated packages..

reset, remove your flashcard.. (i personally use a 1MB SRAM card for my
cache.. and my cache is set to 896k) you should have around 400k of heap..
then log on.. using the SRAM card, as cache, it makes the screen scroll
much faster than using a flashcard.. i have a Viking 56K modem, and it works
pretty well.. but, it does have a cable, and it's a hassle to carry around..
for casual browsing, and email i use a Hayes Optima 33.6 X-Jack modem when
it's in my PalmTree "Glove" case..

the key to using LunaSuite, is to have the largest heap space possible..
that's it.. the more you have, the better it runs..

doing email is no problem with much lower heap (mine is usually around
260-315k with all my .pkgs loaded).. it's fine..

the only thing you really can't stop are the '61 errors..


>On 6/22/00 3:39 AM, James Simons said:

>I've been using it for awhile.. i really like it..

>>How do you stop it from crashing? or reducing it?


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