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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 00:00:02 CDT

....just had to add an African perspective (yes, there are Newtonytes in
Africa - please get in touch!)...lemme see, we are sick and half-starved
(probably calculating food rations on our Newts, sigh!), always manage to
fight each other (war strategies on Newts?), hardly literate, live with our
'near cousins' in the wilderness AND all somehow manage to fit into Nigeria
(NOT!). It never ceases to amaze me how many people think each country in
Africa is a district in Nigeria...

>On 6/23/00 2:53 PM, Paul G. Grothaus []
> >If you think most people in different countries have wild stereotypes
> >each other you would be amazed at the ideas that most Mainland Americans
> >(both US and Canada) have about Hawaii. They come here expecting to see
> >grass shacks, women in grass skirts, etc. But the ones that make me just
> >shake my head are those who do not even realize that we are one of the 50
> >states. When I travel on the Mainland I inevitably hear the following
> >questions:
> >
> > How do you like visiting America?
> > Do you need a visa to visit the states?
> > You speak English so well, do you use it in Hawaii?
> >etc., ad nauseum.
> >
> >I've heard these questions from people ranging from blue collar workers
> >highly educated PhD scientists, Federal Government Bureaucrats and even
> >Southeastern US CONGRESSMAN!!! Pathetic. The geographic and cultural
> >stupidity of the average American is truly staggering.
> >
>Truly. And truly scary.
>Another example: People living in the states of Iowa/Ohio/Idaho (such as
>myself; I live in Iowa) can report a similar lack of knowledge among
>people NOT living in those states (but not NEARLY so embarassing as
>yours! SHEESH! ;-) These three state names seem to confuse heck out
>of people.
>I used to do computer tech support for a living and people would often
>ask where the (515) area code they had called is located. I'd say "Iowa"
>and they'd go, "Oh, the potato state".
>Uh...nope. That state is a BIT further west....
>Try corn.....among MANY other agricultural things (and a town called
>"Newton" that showed up in Apple's Newton TV ads....)
>That reminds me...elsewhere in this thread was a mention of the musical
>"Oklahoma". We Iowans have at least a couple of movie/stage musicals to
>OUR name, too ("State Fair" and "The Music Man").
> - Bill (or should I say "Uilama")
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