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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 07:25:50 CDT

The Hidden Hawaii

The reason Hawaiians feel so superior, according to an ex-Hawaiian now
living in a witness protection program so that fellow Hawaiians don't find
him, is that they have a huge inferiority complex. Virtually out of touch
with the rest of the world, they live on a series of isolated islands and
are at the mercy of the Tourist Lords, who control the Islands. Granted,
paradise is fun, but they become stir crazy and begin to feel inadequate
because of the size of their state compared to the cost of living there.
Prices are embarrassingly high because they live in the biggest tourist trap
in the world. Because the size of the state is an embarrassment, Hawaiians
are psychotic, but not as bad as Rhode Islanders. To off set the completely
paralyzing depression, the local Hawaiians pump themselves into a frenzy
over the slightest real or imagined slight made by tourists in order to have
some degree of self esteem. Don't even mention that most locals are
transplants from 'somewhere else' unless you want to make them cry or be the
main course at the nearest Paupau, New Guinea restaurant.

Hawaiians are similar to people that live in a college town: they are at
constant war with the tourists (students). They can't live with them and
they can't live without them. Consequently they MUST feel superior to them
or end up on suicidal rampages. The locals see how the rest of the world is
progressing in all other areas of life while they must live in complete
slavery to the tourist trade. The Hawaiians are also pissed because it costs
so much too live there that when other people come to visit and make
comments about how a coke is not $3 a can in Iowa, their delusion of living
in paradise is shattered into a million pieces. Who wouldn't be edgy,
paranoid, superior or twitchy?

My source says it took him years to get out of the Hawaiian Mentality, with
help of a 39 Step Program and Federal Agents, but now he can live a normal
life and pay 60 cents for a coke.

Paradise is a tough place.


>Now we're talking! Hawaiians believe both US and Canadian mainlanders are
>staggeringly stupid! It all begins to fall together! No wonder I can
>never get the clock-radio set right!:-)
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