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From: Paul (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 05:39:10 CDT

Andrea wrote:
> Canada, contrary to American opinion, is NOT a part of mainland America,
> it's a completely different country where it is not a right to bear arms.
> And yes, it does snow all year round, we live in igloos, and we just got
> electricity last year. Eaton's was our last University, and anyone who
> hasn't lost a tooth playing hockey is not a true Canadian.

Didn't mean to offend, when I say mainland America, I am referring to the
entire North American continent (USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America).
The phrase "The Mainland" is a local expression referring specifically to
the lower 48 states. We get many tourists from Western Canada (mostly BC)
and sadly, they are as ill informed about geography as most people in the
US. Since they are from a different country, I can understand that Canadians
may not know Hawaii is a state but for people from the US, such a lack of
knowledge is simply inexcusable.

By the way, I broke my jaw stopping a puck as a child in Missouri, does that
make me a true Canadian?? ;)

Actually I've spent a lot of time camping and hiking in Canada, mostly
Quebec and BC. It is truly a beautiful place and the people I've met exude
the spirit of Aloha. I once spent an hour on a beach at La Maurice National
Park in Quebec trying to have a conversation with a local who spoke as much
English as I do French (absolutely none). We shared a bottle of wine and
communicated by drawing maps in the sand. A memorable incident in a great
camping vacation.

Paul G. Grothaus, Ph.D.
Hawaii Biotechnology Group, Inc.

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