NTLK BluePrint/Sine of the Times

From: Constantine Karbaliotis (constantine.k@home.com)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 09:11:57 CDT

I see that there has been some recent discussion about a very interesting package for Newton called "BluePrint" which is project management software. With a program called BluePort, it can actually import and export to Microsoft Project. Sounds great, and I could really use it in my day to day work, since I have to work in a M$ environment.

The company, Sine of the Times, http://www.sineware.com/ , is dicontinuing its operations. It said in November of last year that it would be releasing the software as either open source or freeware, but nothing seems to have happened. I wrote to them twice asking if I could get it as freeware, or to buy it. No response.

I see Ashish Mishra, the author of the program, indicated recently on this list that some decisions about its release would be made soon (and warning against piracy--I agree); I would like to make the approach directly if someone could forward his e-mail address (which was not posted), since I get no response writing to the Sine of the Times site.

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