Re: NTLK Digest Subscribers: Please Read This

Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 01:39:57 EST

fuck you man!
>Due to a server outage that occurred on Friday afternoon, it was necessary
>to re-load the NewtonTalk subscriber list from a backup on Saturday morning
>and restore the list to full operation.
>However, it wasn't possible to set the Digest "attribute" for subscribers
>due to the format that the list is stored in. This means that any user that
>had subscribed to the list in Digest form has been switched to "immediate"
>mode -- this means, like about 60% of the list, you'll receive each posting
>at the time that it is made, instead of in ONE digest email at Midnight each
>You can change this if you wish and go back to digest mode easily. This is
>Go to the Planet Newton website and select the NewtonTalk pages (right-hand
>side, home page). Simply unsubscribe from the list be entering your email
>address (see the very bottom of the NewtonTalk page). Then, go back to this
>page, and subscribe again, choosing Digest mode. The change will be
>immediate, and you won't receive any more individual emails, and you will
>receive the digest at midnight, as usual.
>We apologize for any confusion this may have caused; however, it was the
>quickest way to ensure that NewtonTalk was back up and running like normal
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This NewtonTalk Message brought to you by:

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