Re: NTLK Alt.rec Problem

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 02:34:58 EST

On 3/2/2000 8:35 AM, Tuck Moss [] wrote:

>As an aside which I don't *think* has anything to do with it - when I
>download alt.rec to my Mac it arrives as an AppleLink file. Running it
>through PackType changes it to a 'document' that NCU happily loads to my
>Newt as a package. But somehow this doesn't seem like the right way to be
>doing this...
>Thanks for any insight, Tuck

That's because Apple has the file mapping for ".pkg" files in the
Internet control panel and File Exchange control panel set to AppleLink
package files (which were compressed archives sort of like Stuffit files
or Zip files.)

Just go into the File Exchange and/or Internet control panels and change
.pkg's to use type 'pkg ' (note the ending space) and creator "1NCU" and
they'll be NCU packages when you download 'em from the 'Net or copy 'em
from a PC-format diskette or cartridge or CD-ROM.

 - Bill

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