Re: NTLK [HOW] Calculating Ni-MH batteries charging time..

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 04:58:09 EST

Ching Yi Tsai wrote:
> Recently I acquired some new Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries which has
> the following spec:
Congratulations! You'll help to save the (deep) green.
> I bought a charger that has a timer that is set to stop charging after
> 7hrs. It says it charges 1300mAh Ni-MH AA bateries in 7 hrs at 220mAh.
7h * 220mA = 1540 mAh, looks not so bad...
> Now, how long will it take me to charge my 1400mAh batteries?
> Is it safe for me to charge it through two cycles (14hrs)?
One cycle should be enough if the charger provides 220mA. Above you
probably made a typo: mAh.
> If I charge the batteries through only one cycle (7hrs), I don't even
> get 30mins of use of my MP2100 :(
Something else must be wrong. Maybe only one cell has low capacity.
Measure the voltages of each cell after charging and discharging. If one
cell has abnormal low voltage it might be damaged. Also if one cell
doesn't reach the 1.3 ... 1.4V after charging.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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