NTLK ReADVICE:Touchscreen/Case Cleaning DEBATEANSWER

From: NewtonOz (ozs@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 15:05:28 EST

Your eM@il from chrup@earthlink.net on 3/5/00 11:36 AM said this:

>>Oz, you REALLY need to read the "Getting Started" manual ( pages vii and
>>viii ) shipped with all MP2x00's
>>Isopropyl alcohol is FINE ( recommended by Apple ) and should be used with a
>>soft cloth ( like eyeglass cleaning cloth ) to clean both the screen and

You're telling me that alcohol is fine for cleaning plastics? The screen
is glass inside, but has a plastic overcoating that is used to cover the
touch electronics.

The only really completely safe solvent for screens (plastic) is water,
but we're looking at relative badness here. Of course with one or even 20
cleanings, your screen won't flinch, but what about 100, or for those
compulsive obsessives, 1000 cleanings?

I have a box of messed up 2000/2100s here in various degrees of
disrepair. The ones with the worst screens and cases were cleaned with

Don't make me describe the casings. Alcohol and rubber does not mix. Now,
don't you argue with me on that point.

Isn't there a chemist on this list to tell us the evils of using alcohol
on plastics? Mark, you're a chemist, right? Tell 'em!

Apple is known to make lots of mistakes on publications. Don't believe
everything you read. Glaring proof: Apple doesn't recommend and even
discourages the use of alcohol on Powerbook LCDs. How much difference is
there between a Newton LCD and a Powerbook LCD? Also, if alcohol was
really great for plastics, then Apple would allow alcohol to be used on
translucent plastics of the newest Macs.

Alcohol changes plastics' color and composition, hardening it and making
it brittle. DON'T USE ALCOHOL!


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