Re: NTLK Regarding Intel 6mb memory cards

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 00:10:16 EST

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, P.Braham wrote:

> To Whom It May Concern,
> I have avalible Intel 6mb Linear Flash Cards for Newton Message pads
> operating OS 2.O and above, which includes the 2000/2100 & eMate. I
> would like to let all your subscribers at Newtontalk know that these
> cards are avalible for $35 each. These cards are all Brand New and
> Unused and are 100% guaranteed.

Note to everyone: These cards only work with 2000/2100s and eMates, NOT
any of the 1x0 Newtons, at all.

Also, if you visit Info-Newt for some more "special" information about
this deal (and a really easy way you can help out the community!)

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