Re: NTLK Outlook Synchronizing (again!)

From: dsteele (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 00:31:07 EST

I would be willing to put up some $ for this since I am faced with an NT
box in my office these days. I'm syncing a visor to Outlook now but would
like to hang in there with my MP2100 instead. Count me in.

p.s I like the sound of IR syncing too. I can sync a visor to my
powerbook and it's pretty sweet.

>Since writing Notes2Notes a number of people have expressed an interest in a
>full Synching program between newton and outlook. My feeling is that I
>couldn't make enough money to make it worth doing (only about 20 people are
>usign Notes2Notes and that's free) but thought I'd throw the question:
> How many people would be willing to pay $30 for a new, supported,
> Outlook synching program? It would synch Notes, dates, todos and
> and would work on 1.3 and 2.x newton machines.
>BTW, a good response doesn't _necassarily_ mean I'll do it :-)

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