Re: NTLK Outlook Synchronizing (again!)

From: Michael J. Hussmann (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 06:31:50 EST

Robert Benschop ( wrote:

> I guess a backup/restore is too cumbersome (?)


backup/restore does work to some extent, but it involves another computer
(my Macintosh), switching the Ethernet card etc., and I would rather
connect both Newtons directly. I had tried the backup/restore route when
I had created various worksite and internet settings on the MP2100 and
wanted to transfer these to the eMate, but in the end I had to add most
stuff manually anyway. This isn't a big problem as I generally use both
machines for different tasks -- the MP as a PIM and the eMate for writing
articles and email -- but in most cases I have just one Newton with me,
and sometimes I'm trying to lookup a telephone number or email address
that I had just added on the other Newton ...

Michael J. Hussmann

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