Re: NTLK [ANN] alt.rec.... 0.6a8

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 05:12:42 EST

Douglas Fuss reported:

>I just installed alt.rec.... 0.6a8. The handwriting rec seems terrific but
>I'd like to adjust the letter spacing recognition setting normally found
>in the system prefs but I get an error (-48418) when I try to open system
>prefs within "options" within alt.rec... prefs.
This is a new bug of 0.6a8. It has been fixed for 0.6a9. Thanks for the report.
The letter spacing will be automatically adjust with our words boundary
detector technology with 0.7a1.

(btw, there may be a freeze problem with 0.6a9. If you experience it,
please report it with the list of installed softwares).

>I also noticed that the printing versus cursive option has been removed -
>or is that within the system prefs that don't open?
It is within the system prefs.

>Is this a known bug that I've missed in your previous postings?
No, I discovered it with your posting.



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