Re: NTLK Ethernet on Newton

From: Drew Loker (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 11:16:17 EST

>however syncing/backup/package install/keyboard (via NCU) over
ethernet will only work on a mac since it uses EtherTalk (which is
AppleTalk over ethernet) rather than IP, NetBEUI, or IPX (which are
what Windows understands).

Hmmm. Bummer. I just purchased 2 ethernet cards from Bradley thinking I
would be able to use them with my PCs. Now I can't remember why I need them
if I can't get the PC connection going. Is there some way around this?

>it's a limitation of NCU for Windows and does not work even on NT
server with the AppleTalk stack, sadly.

What about PCMacLan that creates an AppleTalk stack that I currently use to
print form a PC to a Apple LaserPrinter?

Will I be able to print to the Apple LaserPrinter from the Ethernet card on
my Newton?

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