RE: NTLK MOD/QFWorks questions

From: Steve Vander Ark (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 09:22:18 EST

Quick Figure Pro is a spreadsheet for the Newton which has an amazing range
of features. It is compatible with Excel through a small utility that works
very nicely. I am using version 3.1, but the website has an upgrade that
looks wonderful. I can't afford it right now--just bought Twerx and the new
PrintPack utility--but it will be the next thing on my Newton purchase list.

I'm a media specialist (school librarian in the old days) and I do a lot of
work with spreadsheets for my budgets and my schedules. This program is
powerful enough for me to share work with my laptop running Excel, which
makes my life a lot easier. My Newton can go anywhere with me and (the best
part) turns on instantly so I can do a little work here or there when I have
a chance without setting up the whole laptop and waiting for it to boot etc.

Steve Vander Ark
Library Media Specialist
Byron Center Christian School
Byron Center, Michigan

> What is Quick Figure Pro and why would anyone use it? Sorry, I'm stone
> ignorant about this.

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