Re: NTLK Wireless LAN... again

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 18:06:59 EST

On 3/26/2000 1:20 PM, Thomas McCain [] wrote:

>I'm a complete programming novice so sorry if this is completely stupid...
>but has anyone used ViewFrame or something to look at and modify the code
>for the DaynaComm CommuniCard Roamer for Newton package. The DaynaComm
>Roamer was an IEEE 802.11 compliant device if I'm not mistaken. Maybe this
>package could be hacked to work with one of the new wireless PCMIA AirPort
>compatible cards?
>Am I dreaming?

I'm pretty sure you're mistaken about the Roamer being 802.11. But I'd
LOVE to be proven wrong -- I have an AirPort! ;-) Once they get
AppleTalk working over the software base station that runs on your Mac (I
think only TCP/IP works at the moment) then I'd be able to do wireless
NCU and everything, anywhere, with just my PowerBook and Newton and
WaveLAN cards for each.


I wonder if that fellow in Japan who did all the Ethernet cards drivers
would release his source code? I recall someone mentioning an Open
Source WaveLAN or 802.11 driver. If both occurred, I'd DEFINITELY be
interested in looking at hacking my own WaveLAN driver for Newton.
Hmmmm. Have to thing about contacting the fellow in Japan to see.

Anybody out there with more knowledge of that card (Victor??)

 - Bill

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