Re: NTLK getting items OUT (was AvailWorksvs.NewtonWorkswith... )

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 14:01:53 EST

>Nope, there is no "LaserJet II" driver in my PrintPack 2.0 package, only "HP

Great, so I'm not being picked upon :)

>So, I really don't know what you're talking about when you say you're
>using the
>"Printpack cable from Infowave". The latest revision, like I said, was only
>different in the way that it had the version 2.0 of the software package.

According to posts here, and email I received from Infowave, the printpack
cable for newton is their regular powerprint cable plus the newton drivers
built-in. You can/should be able to use the PowerPrint cable providing that
you have the Printpack2 drivers manually installed on the MP. I was using
the terms powerprint and printpack interchangeably, which indeed is not

I have the old and new versions of the POWERPRINT cable. I have tested the
"new" version in more situations than the "old".

>parallel port. Then, you select "Print", then select "Printer", then, from the
>popup that appears, choose "Choose Other Printer". You should get a list where
>you'll see a number of printers. Pick the one that most closely match the
>printer you want to use. For any kind of LaserJet, use "HP LaserJet". It
>definitely should work.

Right, this is what I'm doing, but no success with any printer yet. I'll
keep trying and also drag the "old" version cable into work and try it on
more printers as well. (I'd give a better definition that "new" and "old",
except that's the only way they have been described to me by Infowave. I
had to get the "new" version to print from desktop Mac onto Canon BJC5000,
a software update plus the "old" cable wasn't good enough. Work paid for
it so that was OK by me- I'd been using my personal cable).

Thanks for the replies. If I get things working, I'll let you know.

If you care to mention model #s of printers you HAVE had success with, I'll
seek them out if possible.



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