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From: charlie allom (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 10:50:45 EST

on 28/3/2000 1:18 AM, Gary Moody at wrote:

> Well, at this mornings exchange rate of 0.00936593, it comes to $936.59 USD!
> OUCH! So much for that...
> Regards,
> Gary

here's the log of what he translated, please excuse the IRC style chat and
obscenities - but i thought you'd want the info without my brain
paraphrasing it all....

9:52 PM: *RW91* uh... this thing seems to be like... individual effort, so
it's not in mass production... so far they've chosen only 15 people out of I
dunno how many people signed up to get this thing... they started to look
for people again march 20th (they'll stop april 20th, or when there's too
many requests)... more coming
9:53 PM: <yeled> hmm
9:53 PM: <yeled> awesome
9:54 PM: *RW91* if they're gonna choose only 15 or so again, I dunno if
people outside of Japan got much chances.. but I can send email to see if
they'd actually send it outside... and you gotta send some money upfront so
they got money to make this thing along with running experiments and
9:54 PM: * yeled nods
9:54 PM: <yeled> any idea how many yen?
9:57 PM: *RW91* mistake... they're selecting the 2nd members (people who get
this thing) on april 10th... I think you gotta pay half the amount by
april25th IF you're selected... and the money depends on what you buy...
9:57 PM: <yeled> ok
10:01 PM: *RW91* 7parts=40,000yen 18parts=60,000yen special
edition‰100,000yen(might be cancelled)
10:02 PM: <yeled> hmmm
10:02 PM: *RW91* quite expensive...
10:03 PM: * yeled puts it htru currency converter
10:03 PM: <yeled> ah shit
10:03 PM: <yeled> that's 2 ne newton's
10:04 PM: *RW91* I think a few people are buying material and making all the
parts themselves... and shit in japan don't come cheap...
10:05 PM: <yeled> does it say -how- they are makiing the parts?
10:08 PM: *RW91* no... some guy requested it already... but he says it's
almost trial error at this point (this faq seems pretty outdated) and there
really isn't anything to be put in writing
10:09 PM: <yeled> hmm
10:09 PM: <yeled> they obviously have some injection molding shit there
10:10 PM: *RW91* he also writes if someone wants to make it on their own,
he'll help them individually, but it's pain in the ass, so he doesn't really
recommend it...
10:11 PM: <yeled> fuck i wonder how he does it then
10:11 PM: <yeled> you got any ideas?
10:11 PM: <yeled> man it looks great
10:11 PM: *RW91* dude, I can't even build a model car, I got no idea...
10:11 PM: * yeled laughs!
10:13 PM: *RW91* it seems the faq was compiled when the project was still
under experiment... even the material mentioned is "proposed" material
(dunno what it's called in English) so I dunno what it's actually made of

hmm so, 1k$ USD is the most expensive option.. i'm still interested =)

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