Re: NTLK Connecting to freewwweb for e-mail

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 10:01:45 EST

>I have a MP 120 and can get an exteral modem to work, but have problems
>connecting to freewwweb. I know that a MP 120 is next to impossible to use
>because of the lack of memory, however I want to use just for e-mail. I
>will upgrade to a MP 2100 one of these days, but until then, the MP 120 will
>have to do.

I spent a LOT of time trying to get my MP120 to do email; Simplemail 100k
or 3.3 version will work for send only, IF you run Avi's backdrop, and
freeze absolutely everything else on the messagepad- you will need 50+k
heap free, which takes some work. Receives w/ Simplemail never worked, I
think there is a heap leak in the text stationery that didn't get fixed
until SM4. I tried using the new text stationery from the SM4b release,
but it still didn't work.
Also if you wish to play with SM, make sure you turn off all of the
post-processing feaetures of SM (do NOT strip internet headers, parse HTML,
or anything). Simplemail on an MP120 _was_ reliable for sends.

The other thing that worked well for me, was goFetch Shell- no need for
NIE, you dial into your ISP, login to your unix shell, and it sends the
ASCII to telnet you into your mailserver, and then "manually" retrieves
each message that way.It does a god job of grabbing only unread mail, etc,
too. This lets you send and receive email on an MP120 rather reliably.

But I gave up and got one of the freightquest sale MP130s; so have
Simplemail 4 now.

The MP120 is certainly useful, and I'd trust it for sending email using NIE
1.1/Simplemail 3.3, or for both send and receive of non-huge emails using
goFetch shell. In either case, you have to be running Avi Backdrop or
other minimal heap backdrop, and have frozen just about everything not
needed for the emailing (50k heap free).

For your freewww issue, you should be able to get a PPP connect going IF
you have that much heap free, so check into that first. What do DO with the
PPP connect is a bit limited :)

Hope that helps.


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