NTLK Uh-Oh... NewtonTalk Archive down for the count?

From: Victor Rehorst (vrehorst@newted.dyndns.org)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 21:35:51 EST

Well, one of the machines where I hold a shell account seems to have
exploded. Unfortunately, this was the same machine that runs the
NewtonTalk Archive. The web pages are still up, but I cannot login to the
machine... I fear that the box was broken into and the accounting
information was corrupted. But anyways... since I can't login to this
maching anymore I have no clue if the Archive is still running. (Hey
Planet Newton, how's your archive project going?) Oh, and don't send any
mail to my <victor@gear.torque.net> or <victor@torque.net> accounts, since
I can't read it.

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