Re: NTLK NTLK: Pixsolution Upgrade....

From: Benjamin Dauhrer (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 08:29:10 EST


> Anyway, I have seen this webpage talking about the pixsolution upgrade,
> wondered if it was really noticable. How many on this list have it and
> would recomend it? Are there any who regret the upgrade?

I bought my upgraded Newton MP2000 secondhand a month ago and it had an
Implant accelerator allready installed so I dont know the diffierence to a
normal Newton. I wouldnt say I reget it. :-) But there are a few things that
might be interessting. You wont be able to use the serialport when using the
implant (you can turn it of and on anytime you want). Sounprogramms like the
Modplayer will play noticable faster which can be quite annoying. Finally it
needs more power then a normal Newton...

I hope that was of help for you.


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