Re: NTLK NCU and me

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 18:46:37 EDT

You don't say what MP you use, or what you are trying to do, or how you are
using the LAN in this picture!

Are you trying to just use NCU or serve Internet services to the MP?

Appletalk (which effectively means Localtalk, Appletalk, and MacIP) will
NOT cross the keyspan. The keyspan will work just fine for serial
connections. I use it just fine here.
Make sure that in NCU (I assume you are using NCU?) or other program you
are set to talk to the Newt over SERIAL and not Appletalk. Appletalk will
definitely fail for this setup. You will have to select the keyspan
device, too, but that should be easy...

You *should* be able to provide IP services to the Newt thru the serial, by
running IPNetRouter to provide PPP services over the serial port. You
might not care much about that, if you have a MP2xxx or emate, which can
take an ethernet card. I am very interested in the PPP thru Keyspan thing,
I have a MP130 so no ethernet :-/
(one of these weekends, I'll try it out- I have some hints and it SHOULD work!)

Hope that helps. A little more info about your setup and what exactly you
wish to accomplish would sure help, if you don't solve the trouble based on
this reply.


>>Dear Newtonians,
>>Trying to connect w/ my desktop imac. Gotta Keyspan USB/ Serial adapter,
>>plugged into my 4 port USB hub,
>>also on a local network-just to make things interesting and I tried all
>>configs. I cog ni tion. Help?
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