From: charles mangin (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 08:51:00 EDT

>As reported by others, our ISP has suddenly shut down the FTP service for
>I still have the archive, but no host to put it on. The privious one was free,
> so it is not much I have to offer for the hosting.
>If someone would like to set up a mirror, I will be glad to upload it/send
>a CD.
>Sorry for the service-break!

how large is the archive?

i have a server that i could conceivably host it on temporarily until
you find a more permanent solution. it's where i host all my websites
and ftp archive, which don't take up much room, so there's plenty to
spare for a mirror.

i had thought of hosting one of the newtonMAD mirrors, but then all
the software licensing trouble began..

let me know.


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