NTLK Problems with eMate battery?

From: Kenneth Wong (ghoonk@mailworld.net)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 09:59:00 EDT

HI all

Having another problem now. My girlfriend's eMate 300 has a strange
rebooting problem. Despite having charged her Newton overnight and having it
diaply a full charge, occassionally it starts up and reboots, followed by an
error message indicated that the 'Newton restarted because all power was

This problem started after I installed the NewerRAM memory upgrade, but I
have open up the unit several times to check if the battery connection had
come loose. Connection seemed alright, and I'm at my wit's end on dealing
with this problem. Sometimes, after the Newton restarts, I'm requested to
re-calibrate the pen.

Another thing: I would like to get my hands on a few more eMate batteries
just in case I'm not able to get them later. Where can I find such
batteries, and how much should I expect them to cost? Having taken out the
batteries several time before, I have noticed that they look suspiciously
like AA cells. Is there any way that I can replace them with normal alkaline
batteries? It would be interesting if someone could develop replacement AA
battery packs for the eMate, with a snap-on cover so it wouldn't require the
Torx screwdriver to remove the original panel at the back.


Kenneth Wong

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