NTLK ALL help please, special request

From: will.tell@iname.com
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 19:21:57 EDT


First thank you for reading this.

Second this message is somewhat related to the Newton (read more below) but
its main subject is LOVE.

I've been very dedicated to the Newton ever since my first MP 110 (a
clearcase unit). In fact I was so dedicated that I went thru the hardwork
of opening and manageing a NewtonShop in Lausanne, Switzerland. Anyway, now
I need your help for the most important thing of all: LOVE. You can help in
a very simple and easy way. But instead of writing again here what you will
read on my site, just click on the link below and read one of the nicest
Internet True Love Story and see how you can help make it more beautiful !

In fact I got this young woman's postal address but it's incomplete, so my
last resort is to send this message to the whole world so that down the
line a person knowing her will pass the message to her. She lives on the
other side of the planet from me. So the more people read it and further
pass it around to all their friends, the greater the chance for my message
to reach her!

Just click this link further below.

I dedicated this site to my Perfect Love and I'm putting for auction
collectible Newton and Apple (and other) items. Though these objects are
VERY dear to me I'm doing this because I need the money to travel half the
world to go meet my Perfect Love! For me the power of love is far more
important than eartly things.

To read the full story and help us be together just click the link further

Thanks in advance for helping me to find her again!

Truly yours.

Newton grafted since 1994
Lausanne, Lake Geneva Area, Switzerland

PS: On the download page, you'll be able to retrieve this text in several
languages to further spread this message around.

PPS: At the site you'll also discover lots of romantic poems, treats,
freebies, songs (including legal MP3's), lyrics, postcards, images, etc.

Here's the link: http://www.My-Perfect-Love.com

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