Re: NTLK New on the list... Few questions

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 01:31:11 CDT

on 31-08-2000 7:01, Jim Anderson at wrote:

> Welcome to the world of the One True Handheld. If I were you (I'm
> actually almost you, I got into Newtons a few months ago after owning
> various Palms), I'd start with Info-Newt (, and
> the Newton FAQ there. It will answer most of your initial questions.
> Specifically, look at
> for information about the various ways to reset/reinitialize your Newt, and
> for information on
> various ways to sync your Newton with your desktop computer.
> You'll probably also want to check out (at first) This Ol' Newt
> (, Planet Newton
> ( and Newton Resources
> ( for good, introductory information. Newton
> Resources has one section, "The Cage", which includes PDFs of all the
> documentation which should have came with your Newton.
> This should get you started. Good luck, and welcome.
> Jim Anderson

I thought that was a pretty good introduction to the list, do you mind about
the copyright Jim, I'm thinking to send this to every newbie, would save
quite a bit of repetition on the list.
And Victor, maybe an idea to add this to the friendly neighborhood
announcement ?

Robert Benschop

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