NTLK Re: eMate Charger

From: Alex Timbol (alextmbl@usinc.net)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 17:47:59 CDT

>>I just bought 3 eMates on saturday. They are all unused and came with
>>cdr-copies of the eMate Connectivity CD, a serial cable and a power
>>This last item is the problem: it is providing 7.5 V/1.33A. When having the
>>eMates connected a warning is displayed after +/- 1 minute, saying "The
>>adapter is providing too much power. The battery cannot be charged with

I'm using a Powerbook 1xx 7.5V 24W charger to charge my Newton. This is
probably too much CAPACITY for the newton: the brick doesn't even get
I could probably charge three newtons simultaneously before the brick

All I did was make an adaptor with a powerbook size female in line
to the newton sized plug. Works fine.

In the car, I use a Radio Shack purchased 2.0A 12V to 7.5 V stepdown
regulated power brick. Works fine too.

I also use regular NiCds with a small plate to depress the charge button
in the battery case.
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