Newtons on TV (was Re: NTLK Fun with Newton curious people)

From: Andy Pasulka (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 06:46:35 CDT

on 8/30/00 11:07 AM, Jodine Chase at wrote:

> Was the the even-stephen episode? One of my favourites. Now for the lame and
> transparent effort to bring this back to a Newton theme, I recall seeing all
> sorts of Macs over the years in Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. Did he every
> sport a Newt?

AFAIK, no, but a few nights ago I just saw Dr. Capra (Joel Flieschmann's
replacement) on Northern Exposure (reruns on A&E) sit down for a meeting
with Marilyn Whirlwind the receptionist, and he had a Newton in hand.
Marilyn's brevity kept him from jotting much down, but it did have the
vertical-orientation flip lid of the 1x0 series, with the silkscreened guide
on the inside. It was in a leather case, IIRC.

(His journalist wife used a PowerBook Duo 2x0 and dock prominently as well.)



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