Re: NTLK NASP Update #5 - more info...

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 08:53:34 CDT

on 01-09-2000 5:29, Justin at wrote:

> I would
> appreciate you letting me be the middleman between all the interested people
> and Dave @ dave design - having more than one person releasing info makes
> this whole project a lot harder to control, since people get conflicting
> information! and this has already happened with your 'price estimates'!

This was basically the point I was trying to make in my posting the other
Zach, you probably mean very well but your communication skills aren't the
best I encountered in my life so far.
(I'm still planning to read all of your "NTLK EVERYONE READ (Palm
Emulator/Newton Case)" post, but so far I blacked out halfway, too many
words falling over each other)
So I would propose to keep up the great work and let Justin do the talking,
that way we'll all avoid a lot of extra traffic on this list.

And now back to the regular program.....

Robert Benschop

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