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From: dwatson@robertweedplywood.com
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 09:19:50 CDT

I saw a posting Friday asking about contacting David Watson (a.k.a. Dr.
Newton), who is my brother.
David just moved from Kansas back to his hometown in Bristol, Indiana. He
still is using his old e-mail address,
which is drnewton@kc.net. David is adjusting to his new electronics job
which has him in at the office a wee bit earlier than he is used to. His
new job, working on remote digital devices for industrial HVAC systems, is
very fun for him.

I see David about every day or so. Because of his adjusting to new work
hours and the rigors of moving/looking to build a new house/kids in new
school system, etc., etc., David has not been able to keep up with his
e-mail. He says he has quite a lot to respond to. He is very determined
to lock himself in with his computer sometime this weekend and reply to all
of his e-mail, if possible. While he still wants to help out the Newton
community he realizes that he has less spare time to do so than he used to.
Please be patient.

David primarily serves the Newton community by upgrading 2000 -> 2100
units, which is his specialty. He also does some repair work on common
problems that Newton users have on damaged MPs. He has a lot of 120
screens that he installs on 120 or 130 devices as screen replacements. (He
notes that the 120 screens are not as good as the 130s as far as texture,
but it beats a broken Newton....).

David has "opened my eyes" to the Newton. I am a NetWare / PC / AS/400
kind of guy, and had never heard of them. He is letting me use a 130 of
his, which is incredible! I take it everywhere and use it for notes and
appointments. I also play chess on it with Deep Green. Deep Green is a
decent program on the 130! I would love to play it on a 2000/2100 with the
faster processor and increased memory. I am a tournament chess player and
it took me a some time before I adjusted to its strength and playing style
and could beat it consistently.

Maybe some day I will go to e-bay and get a 2000/2100. With some of the
wireless options that David has told me about, I could then be walking
around the office with a 2100 in hand and browsing the internet through our
TCP/IP network.
That has so much geek factor that it is hard not to dream about it!

Dan Watson
Network Administrator
Robert Weed Plywood

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