Re: NTLK iPAQ (and cargo pants)

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 09:42:52 CDT

>Is it my size of 6'4" (that's 1.93 m or so to people who use a real
>measuring system) that allows me to slip (with a bit of a trick) my MP2000
>into my front pants pockets? No, not jeans, but other deep pocketed pants
>work just fine. There's a trick to it, but it works. Am I the only person
>who DOES carry the Newton in normal pants?

        Well, I'm 5'9" (1.7526m) and my MP130 fits pretty comfortably in my
pockets IF I'm wearing deep-pocketed "cargo?" shorts- but I'm a biologist
and have a lot of pairs of of shorts with deep pockets, extra pockets, etc.
etc. for when I'm in the field and want to carry stuff :)

        Not a chance of it fitting for jeans or slacks or anything though.

        (I'm not into the super baggy clothing At All. )


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