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From: Walter J. Ferstl (walter.j.ferstl@netway.at)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 10:30:24 CDT

Hi Keith,

"Keith Isley" <newt@crosspaths.net> wrote:
>Regarding pants pockets...front or back? I'd be afraid to slip it in the
>back pocket, for fear of crushing the thing...and if I put it in the front,
>well, I think my wife would ask me, "Is that an iPAQ in your pocket, or are
>you just glad to see me?"

If so, would she just be paraphrasing Mae West or does she happen to be as
witty as Mae was?

And now for a similar scenario but with a Newton 2k in someone's front
pocket. What would the likely question be in this case? :-)

>Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
my day has been saved by LOL,



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