Re: NTLK Charger warning

From: Daniel Padilla (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 14:32:59 CDT

> > >I know the company where he bought them and the chargers in question,
> > >believe me, this message comes up and those adapters stink big time.
> > >Though the company will tell you that everything is fine and the eMates
> > >message is wrong I would dump these adapters a.s.a.p. (maybe in a river
> > >somewhere in Russia ?) and get some original ones !
> >
> > It would *still* be interesting *why* this message comes. Kind of for
> > scientific reasons. I doubt that the eMate is capable to determine
> > the attached supply can in fact deliver more current than the original
> one.
> > None of my OMP, MP100, 110, 120, 130 can do this, don't know about the
> MP2K.
> > My guess is it monitors the voltage and complains if it is higher than
> > expected while the batteries are charged. Maybe Dr. Newton can shed some
> > light
> > on this in case he still reads this list?
> >
> > Frank

     Ive also seen it on My MP2000. And Im sure that its because of the
 current. The funny thing is that, after seeing that message, in the
 slip of Avis backdrop, it says " deep toast "!! No harm is done anyway.

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