Re: NTLK screen dim & hum

Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 17:58:08 CDT

In a message dated 9/2/00 6:56:41 PM, writes:

<< I have a 2100 and just bought a backup Newton, a 2000 upgraded to 2100. I
notice now that the screen to my 2100 is dimmer than the 2000. Also my 2100
makes a high-pitched electronic hum. Normally not noticeable unless it's
super-quiet or if you put your ear close to the unit (it is most noticeable
near the pen chamber with the pen removed).

Is it possible my backlight is having problems? I don't think it has to do
with the age of the screen because I just recently had my screen replaced
and I believe I had this hum sound even before the screen was replaced.

Is there something else that provides the backlighting and could it be this
that is humming? Can the backlight becoming dim be fixed?

Thanks for any help! >>

Did you try adjusting the backlight? Also if you dont want either newton I
need one :)
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